2018 [updated 12.26.17]

January 27-28 Annual Awards Banquet & NWCC/Zone One meetings, Red Lion, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR; Register here. Download NWCC Agenda here.

April 7-8

Oregon Paint Horse Club Albany, OR | 4 judges: TBD

April 21-22

Pacific Northwest Paint Horse Club Lynden, WA | 4 judges: Keith Longacre, Nikki Longacre, Curt Summers, Amy Watkins

May 11-13

South West Washington Paint Horse Club Albany, OR (Triple Crown 3-Year-Old HUS & WP) | 6 Judges: Mike Hachtel, Lisa Ligon, Dale Sullens, Brendan Brown, Garth Gooding, Casey Orr

July 7-8

Central Oregon Paint Horse Club Redmond, OR (Triple Crown Yearling Halter, Yearling Longe Line, Junior horse Non Pro HUS & WP) | 4 Judges: Mario Boisjoli, Teresa Pelton, Carrie Kessler, Andrea Koehn

July 20-22

Washington State Paint Horse Club Monroe, WA | 6 Judges: Clint Fullerton, Sandy Jirkovsky, Mark Smith,Keith McDonough, Nancie Wright, Kevin Hood

August 3-5

Idaho Paint Horse Club Nampa, ID | 4 Judges: Tina White, Eric Hubbard, TBD, TBD

August 9-12

Snake River Paint Horse Club Nampa, ID ASHA & APHA ranch event | 2 Judges: Jim Isley, David Terrell

August 15-18

Zone One Nampa, ID | 6 judges: Tim Jedra, Stephanie McConnell, Mark Russell, Sandy Curl, Jill Paxton, Trisha Shorten-Armstrong

August TBD

Inland Northwest Paint Horse Club, Nampa, ID | 4 judges: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD

October 26-28

Oregon Paint Horse Club Albany, OR Triple Crown Weanling & 2YO HUS/WP futurities | 6 judges TBD

2018 NWCC Club Events

January 12-15

Snake River Paint Horse Club Judge’s View Seminars

January 14
Oregon Paint Horse Club PAC_approved Gaming Playday

April TBD

Inland Northwest Paint Horse Club Spokane, WA Schooling Horse Show

April 20-22

Central Oregon Paint Horse Club Redmond, OR, Info booth and drawing

April 21-22

Idaho Paint Horse Club Nampa, ID 2 judge APHA show & PAC-approved show


Central Oregon Paint Horse Club Sisters, OR Poker Ride

July 7-8

Central Oregon Paint Horse Club Redmond, OR, Open Horse Show in conjunction with APHA & PtHA show

Northwest Co-ordinating Committee

The Northwest Co-ordinating Committee is an umbrella organization of American Paint Horse Association regional clubs in the Pacific Northwest (Zone One), representing Paint Horse owners in British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. NWCC is one of several

co-ordinating committees across North America that meet regularly to co-ordinate APHA show dates and judges to help minimize conflicts for APHA exhibitors, manage an awards program that recognizes the achievements of exhibitors showing at NWCC-approved shows, host futurities that demonstrate the versatility and talent of our American Paint Horses and help promote shows and events hosted by participating clubs.

Show Dates & Judges

In an effort to give each NWCC club the opportunity to host the best possible APHA-approved horse shows, as well as provide an opportunity for exhibitors to attend as many shows as possible, NWCC co-ordinates show dates and judges. A judge may only be hired to judge one NWCC show per year. In the rare event that a judge is hired for multiple shows, the results from that judge will only be counted once for year end awards.

The NWCC show and judge co-ordinator maintains a current list of show dates and judges. Show dates and judges are published in the NWCC directory, club newsletters, websites and various other publications.

Year End Awards

NWCC oversees one of the most coveted year end award programs for APHA exhibitors in the Pacific Northwest. To be eligible for NWCC year end awards, an exhibitor must be a current member of an NWCC member club and complete an NWCC declaration form for each horse prior to their first show.

British Columbia | Central Oregon | Idaho | Inland Northwest | Oregon | Pacific Northwest | Snake River |Southwest Washington | Washington State Paint Horse Clubs

1.3.18 | November meeting MINUTES and AGENDA for the January 2018 NWCC meeting have been uploaded to the website.

12.26.17 | Reserve your tickets now for the 2017 Year End Awards Banquet, January 27 at the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach in Portland; Pay for your banquet tickets online at http://squ.re/2pEl317; For hotel reservations, go here: http://bit.ly/2DZpNl5. NWCC meeting gets underway on January 27, 11 am.

12.26.17 | Showing open? Compete for special NWCC year end awards at APHA PAC-approved shows this coming season. Rules and declaration forms for this new division now posted on the website. For more info on APHA’s PAC program, go here

12.1.17 | Final points are posted!

11.14.17 | The final tally of points for 2017 have been posted. Exhibitors have two weeks from today’s date to contact the points keeper if they have any questions. Val reminds exhibitors these are just the final points, NOT the placings. Eligibility for year end awards is still being verified. NO changes will be made after November 28.

9.20.17 | Points posted through Zone One show

8.15.17 | Points posted through Monroe

6.8.17 | Points posted through Colorpaloosa.

4.26.17 | Points through the Oregon April 8-9 show have been uploaded on the Points page.

1.18.17 | 2017 Permanent number form is now available to download from the website. Click on the icon below.

1.9.17 | It’s time to order your tickets for the annual NWCC YEAR END AWARDS banquet, January 28, at the Hood River Inn in Hood River, OR. Be sure to reserve your seats by JANUARY 21. Click here to download the form.

12.30.16 | 2017 dates posted to website

11.16.16 | Final year end winners now posted on Points page!

10.25.16 | Deadline to book advertising in the 2017 Directory is November 20.

10.25.16 | NWCC is putting out the call for clubs to appoint their 2017 NWCC directors. Clubs can download the form on the Clubs and Delegates page. Deadline is November 20.

10.25.16 | Points up to and including Albany are now posted on the Points page.

10.25.16 | Minutes for the December 2015 and January 2016 meetings have been added to the Delegates page of the website.

10.12.16 | Magic Look Design has been awarded the contract for the 2017 NWCC Directory. Congratulations to Danyelle Harp. See the directory page for more info.

8.23.16 | Points updated up to and including Zone One. OPHC judges confirmed for September 30-October 2 circuit.

8.21.16 | PNPHC is the parent club for PNjPHC, a zone-wide club formed about 25 years ago. PNPHC has recently decided to use the funds raised through the sale of exhibitor numbers to support our scholarship program and would also like to make these scholarships available to all eligible youth belonging to Zone 1 clubs. The full application is available on their web site at www.pnphc.com/information/forms.html

8.7.16 | Points have been updated to include COPHC & Monroe.

6.13.16 | Points have been updated to include the Lynden show, June 4-5.

5.30.16 | Points have been updated to include Colorpalooza, May 6-8.

5.30.16 | Show bill for Central Oregon’s Sparkler Spectacular, July 1-3, is now posted on their website.

5.13.16 | Oregon Paint Horse Club has canceled their August 8-9 show; they will have six NWCC judges at their October show instead

5.11.16 | Jim Anderson will be replacing Gail Lampinen as a judge at the Zone One show in Albany, August 11-14. The new Zone One website is now up at www.zoneone-apha.com

4.21.16 | Download the Splash of Colours show bill (June 4-5, Lynden) here.

4.20.16 | Points have been updated to include the OPHC show, April 9-10.

4.12.16 | Points have been updated from the BC Paint show, April 2-3 AND the final convention reports (including ones from 2015) are now posted, too.

3.25.16 | Convention reports from Patty Baker and Linda Vance are now posted.

3.4.16 | The first of the directors reports from the APHA convention is now posted on the Delegates page. Good job, Lori!

3.4.16 | BC Paint’s Spring Fling show bill now posted here

3.4.16 | Reserve your 2016 permanent exhibitor number here

3.1.16 | The 2015/16 NWCC Directory is now available to view online

2.16.16 | Oregon Paint Horse Club’s April circuit is now two days, April 9-10, and not three as originally posted

2.16.16 | SWWPHC Colorpalooza show bill is ready

2.05.16 | The 2016 Declaration form is now ready to download here

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2018 Declaration Form.pdf